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"As a male leader, I have to know everything, not show any feelings and give it my all until I'm exhausted."

Does it also put you under pressure to always conform to these role models?

I will help you to
detach yourself from it and to find your authentic leadership style in order to be successful.

Male Leadership
in a Changing Business World

Gone are the days when we, as "Alpha-Males", took it for granted that we had a successful career.
Our learned male role patterns and behaviours thrived in a business world that was hierarchical and male-dominated.
The rapidly changing business world confronts us with completely new requirements and demands new skills.
We have to ask ourselves how we react to this in order to continue to be successful in the future.


From Business Leader to Men's Executive Coach

Having worked for almost 20 years as a Marketing and Business Executive in large companies such as Unilever, Coca-Cola and L'Oreal, I know from personal experience the pressure to conform to these limiting male role models.
Today I work as an Executive Coach, Speaker and Consultant to inspire men to recognize their own patterns, to overcome them and to make their leadership fit for the requirements of the changing business world.

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